Okay, Google… What happened?

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Google is taking another swing at a premium Chrome OS device with the Pixel Slate, a tablet that CAN replace your laptop. Wait… this sounds familiar…

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26 Replies to “Okay, Google… What happened?”

  1. No proponent of Google software or hardware but, I believe a huge point were missed (or this runs a old version of ChromeOS)?
    Because what I've heard the new ChromeOS should support running Linux software, this should enable someone to do video editing, digital arts (with a laggy screen), or even maybe do some 3D art or the wide range of coding tools that comes with Linux.
    Still if your going to pay a bunch of cash for a well performing OS and hardware maybe a System76 works just as well 🙂

  2. To the "lag" of the stylus: maybe you shouldn't use the Google Keep app. It pretty much is very laggy if u use that. Instead I used the application "Squid" for notes like for college and the development fixed the lag like, completely. Just for notes, it is actually good.

  3. I think that this was my first thumbs down.

    This review is not being completely honest, yes the pen does have lag, yes the keyboard is not perfect and yes the Chrome OS has its limitations.

    BUT having support and a soon-to-be great integration with Linux and also soon having a dual boot with Windows, this device has a lot more to offer than this review.

    Of course they can't make a review based on things that are to come, but I'd like LTT to do a second review after Windows support is out.

    And folks, keep one thing in mind, Google always make new features available for old devices, Pixel Slate it's good and will be improved.

  4. You can edit in premiere on a Chromebook through chrome remote desktop, depending on your connection, for throwing together a quick clip, it's the best option in a pinch.

  5. While i agree that a proper file manager is a necessity for a tablet to become a laptop replacement, I disagree that mouse support is a necessity, if you want that get a laptop, not a tablet. Giving a tablet mouse support just gives developers an excuse to not optimise for touch input so your tablet just becomes a laptop with a shit keyboard and even shittier hinge. Optimise for touch if it’s meant to be a tablet 1st and a laptop 2nd, which is clearly what they intend because the keyboard isn’t included in the base package.

  6. All I know is that I will never buy Google again as I have an Acer Chromebook 11 and literal lines of pixels(in OS animations) are missing, and the guaranteed 9 hours of battery life is actually 6, after a month of course. I have looked at the battery and guess what, no damage. Thanks Google.

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