How Many Anakins?

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Hector Navarro, Ryan Martin, and Zach Kornfeld delve into Dorothy dabbing and Lannister debts.


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Hector Navarro
Ryan Anthony Martin
Zach Kornfeld
Mike Trapp

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writers – Mike Trapp & Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer – Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator – Olivia Aguilar
Director of Photography – Kenneth Keeler
Production Designer – Rick Mader
HMU – Denise Renee Valentine
Sound Mixer – Eugene Thompson
VFX Artist – TJ Gonzalez
Editor – Eve Hinz


42 Replies to “How Many Anakins?”

  1. Um Actually, if you're counting voice acting as portrayal vis a vis James Earl Jones, Darth Vader does appear in Force Awakens as you hear his breathing rasp when Ray picks up the lightsaber

  2. Um, actually, there are two errors in the Star Wars question. He hasn't appeared in three films, and he's been portrayed by seven people.

    1) Since you don't specify "trilogy" in the Star Wars movie specification, Anakin also didn't appear in Solo or The Last Jedi.

    2) He's also played by Bob Anderson, who did many of the lightsaber fights, but more significantly by Matt Lanter in the 2008 Star Wars: Clone Wars movie that WAS released in theaters. Since you admit voice acting counts as portrayal, his portrayal should count too.

  3. Shows the question but not the answer. What shitheads. I get you guys want the money grab to succeed but I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to watch the one show on this channel that hasn't totally gone to shit.

  4. Um, Actually, The Lannisters ARE broke because their gold mines ran dry years ago. There is a scene in season 4, episode 5 where Tywin talks about it with Cersei to explain their need for a Tyrell alliance. So Ryan really should get a point on that first question.

  5. Um actually Throg of the Pet Avengers is not Thor, but rather a dude named Simon who was cursed by a witch and was living in Central Park as a frog during the rat fight. He picked up a piece that broke off of the Mjolnir and thus was transformed into Throg, Frog of Thunder.

  6. Um , actually ….Thorg isn't the same as Frog Thor. Thorg is a from who ,when Thor was in human form , was able to lift up a sliver of Mjolnir after the goat Toothgnasher broke some part of it with his hoof. When Throng, or what he was know at that time Puddlegulp, lifted the silver it turned him into Throg, Frog of Thunder.

  7. To the people who's saying that they should start inviting "real nerds," I've seen all the episodes of Um Actually so far, and this is the only episode where they kinda dropped the ball

  8. Um, Actually, Anakin Skywalker is not known better as Darth Vader, but rather they are two different characters. As referenced by Obi Wan on Degobah, the birth of Vader destroyed and killed the good man that was Anakin. In Return of the Jedi, the Jedi who returns is Anakin Skywalker, destroying Vader in the process.

  9. Um, actually, there’s no reference in Ragnarok about a frog; instead, Thor tells a story of Loki turning himself into a snake and stabbing Thor.

  10. In your Star Wars question, you said that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader appeared in all Star Wars movies except The Force Awakens. Umm actually, he did not appear in The Last Jedi as well.

  11. Umm actually trapp you should get your self spayed or neutered…I mean really it's not that big of a deal right..stop sending you shows with how castrating the things you love is reasonable …I rather see more cute baby animals then be forced to deal with what assholes children grow up to be… Seriously if you don't see the issue with control of one's breeding abilities then focus on the human epidemic…

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