Charles and Camilla pay visit to National Equestrian Centre in Havana

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who are now in the Cayman Islands, were enjoying their last day in the Cuban capital today, with their first port of a call a private restaurant in Havana. Both got behind the bar and made a couple of the country’s famous rum-based mojitos for themselves (inset),┬ádespite it being only 11am. And then later┬áCamilla met a horse as she visited an equine project, feeding the horse sugar after hearing how the mare’s calm temperament had resulted in her name being shortened to Diane from Dynamite. Just before the couple left for the Cayman Islands, they attended a reception at the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales where she viewed the signature of one of her illustrious relatives who led the 18th Century Siege of Havana. The couple had been on a historic four-day visit to the communist country, becoming the first British royals to set foot on post-revolutionary soil.

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